Fatpack Invitational 2018

We planned this one day adventure based on the record breaking winter conditions of 2018 with a snow layer in the terrain of more than 160 cm. The spring would come late and the hills wouldn't dry until after midsummer. We set the date June 2 to stay just behind the spring floods for the sake of the rafting. Well that didn't happen. 

The record winter turned to an unlikely hot summer in Sälen and after weeks of scourcing sun and heat all snow evaporated leaving bogs dry and rivers low. We couldn't let that stop us though, instead of a battle against one type of elements it became a sunny day out and about. 

Fatbikes are excellent for bike packing. They're not fast but they can carry you and your gear through anything. And packrafts may look toyish but they are sturdy, stable and really easy to manouvre. The combination is simply epic.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except for bears. Bears will kill you.

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